Issue #1 – Artisanal Beer in The Heart of Brussels


If you love Belgian beer and love Belgian food getting a print subscription to Belgian Beer and Food is an absolute must. The magazine comprises 64 lovingly designed and beautifully photographed pages, including the best in artisanal beer, food and culture from the country that knows best.

It’s all about raising the bar for beer, treating it as a luxury product, a world away from lager and peanuts.

And it will keep you on top of the latest Belgian beer trends, with our beers experts profiling the best new beers, and visiting breweries to meet the people who make them.

Moreover we’ll be meeting some top Belgian chefs who speak about why they’re moving away from wine, to cook and pair with beer.

It’s a window into Belgian beer culture, and you can have it in your letter box four times a year for as little as €16.

webimagesIssue One: Beer without Borders

In our inaugural issue we ask whether Beer and Food is the glue that holds an otherwise fractured country together. The question takes us to Brussels, the ultimate multi-cultural urban center, where beer eases political tensions, giving citizens something that they can finally agree on.

We take an exclusive Brussels beer tour, exploring the strangest and most interesting bars in the capital.

We do lunch with Beer Chef Hilaire Spreuwers, who combines influences on both sides of the language divide to create dishes where beer plays a leading role.
We meet with some stylish Belgian women, who have discovered that beer is a more sophisticated drink than wine.

And finally we visit four of Belgium’s most exciting Breweries: Bosteels, Mort Subite, De La Senne and Cantillon , meeting the people behind the beer, all of whom are in different ways proud of their country’s fine brewing craft.