Beerseeker Subscription. Six rare beers three times a year

120.00 for 1 year

3 Boxes/year

Next box contains:

De Dolle’s Special Oerbier Reserva 2015, Purple Label (75 CL)
Brouwerij Verzet Oud Bruin Super Boil (37.5 CL)
And four more hard-to-find beers

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You can buy more beers from Etre Gourmet and add to box

You can ship the beers from two boxes in one to save on shipping

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Belgian Beer and Food is collaborating with online beer shop Etre Gourmet to launch an exclusive beer club. Three times a year, our elite subscribers will receive six specially chosen and very limited-edition beers from some of our favorite brewers.

At least one of these beers will be made for the beer club. You’ll be able to read about why these beers are special in each edition of Belgian Beer and Food. It’s called the rare beer seeker beer club. There are only 250 memberships to this club available. One Box will contain: 2 75cl, 4 33cl or 25cl bottles.