Beer and Loathing in … Ghent

beer-and-loathingFood writer Emma Beddington is ashamed to admit she hasn’t drunk beer for decades and only likes “those pink cherryade ones”. Could the founder of Belgium’s Women and Beer movement convert her? She went to Ghent to find out.

I have a dirty little secret that should by rights disqualify me from appearing in these pages: I don’t drink beer. The last time I drank beer with any regularity was nearly 20 years ago as a teenager in York, trying to ingratiate myself with my first proper boyfriend. We spent our evenings in an insalubrious pub affectionately nicknamed ‘The Stabber’ where I would try to hold a pint of John Smiths, look alluring and discuss the oeuvre of Japanese post-punk trio Shonen Knife simultaneously. When he dumped me, I dumped beer and I’ve never looked back.

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