New Belgian Academy to Spread Knowledge about Lambic Beer

April 23, 2015

The first English language edition of the Lambic Academy takes place on April 29th at the De Lambiek visitor centre in Alsemberg outside Brussels. Organised by HORAL, a body dedicated to protecting lambic beers, the course aims to educate people about Belgium’s most complex and challenging beer style. “Generally speaking lambic fell out of favor […]

Delivering ingredients to your doorstep

April 8, 2015

By Alan Hope The situation is so familiar it’s become a normal facet of daily life. Parents or singles who work long hours. Children in the crèche or after-school club. By the time they get home there’s no time or inclination to shop for groceries or think about what to eat. So why not let […]

Silly – Green Killer IPA

March 30, 2015

Is there no end to the steady spread of the IPA? We’re starting to see a backlash in the US, where it all started, but the style hasn’t finished its colonisation of the Belgian beer world. As Duvel embarks on another year of its Tripel Hop (technically it’s not an IPA, but spiritually it is), […]

Arthur’s Legacy: White Widow – Palm

March 26, 2015

The pledge made earlier this year by Palm to launch itself into the world of innovative craft beers has borne its first fruit. Arthur’s Legacy is a planned range of beers named for Arthur Van Roy, the great-uncle of current owner Jan Toye, described by the company as “a visionary” who stubbornly, and ultimately correctly, […]

The sweet taste of sour

March 26, 2015

The sour ales of West Flanders are a delight waiting to be rediscovered. Alan Hope suggests a few places to start Imagine there was a new kind of beer you’d never heard of. Imagine it was made in just one limited part of the country but enjoyed by even fewer people than that. Imagine it […]

Duvel Tripel Hop 2015

March 25, 2015

And the third hop in this year’s Duvel Tripel Hop is … [roll of drums] … Equinox. Don’t be surprised if the name means nothing to you. Equinox has only been around under that name since last year, when it was predicted to be the Next Big Thing. It’s a new aroma hop produced by […]

Just add beer

March 18, 2015

Nowhere does beer cuisine quite like Brussels’ Nuetnigenough, where Aaron Goldfarb finds that good things come to those who wait Brussels can sometimes feel like a city designed with food choices simply meant to cater to what uninformed tourists assume must be best-of-the-best Belgian cuisine. Hey, a waffle cart! Oh, look, a chocolate shop! And […]

Game on – Beer pairing with Averbode, La Guillotine and Delirium Tremens

March 5, 2015

Can Flanders Kitchen Rebel Wim De Jonghe create the perfect match for three of Huyghe’s strong blond beers? Alan Hope puts him to the test The challenge: We present a top chef with three beers and ask him to come up with three perfectly paired dishes. The chef: Wim De Jonghe, of Het Land aan […]

Free beer for every woman in Belgium

March 2, 2015

In an attempt to break the stereotype that beer is a masculine drink, Belgium’s Brewers Federation is offering a free beer to women across the country who turn up at designated bars on the 7th of March. The event is called Apero Nationale and takes place between 6.30 and 7.30 pm, on the eve of […]