Silly – Green Killer IPA


Is there no end to the steady spread of the IPA? We’re starting to see a backlash in the US, where it all started, but the style hasn’t finished its colonisation of the Belgian beer world. As Duvel embarks on another year of its Tripel Hop (technically it’s not an IPA, but spiritually it is), another new kid on the block appears.

Green Killer is a new beer from Brasserie de Silly, with a very Brewdog looking label that even features a snarling green dog. It very clearly says IPA on the bottle, but what’s inside tells a different story.

“We decided to do this because we’d had a lot of requests, not only from export customers but also from people at home,” explains Lionel Van der Haegen, one of the two sons of the founding family who still run the show. The beer uses four hops: good old Kent Goldings from the UK, and Tomahawk, Chinook and the little-known Ahtanum from the US.

The beer pours a beautiful radiant clear golden, but the taste has nothing to do with those aggressive American IPAs or their European imitators. Despite the presence of three American hops, Green Killer is rounded and fruity, mellifluous like honey with the sweetness removed. The flavours are not particularly pronounced, peach and pear but turned down to mild.

Then comes the sting in the tail. The only bitterness comes in the finish, and it’s astringent and hard-edged. This might be what you’re into, but for those who appreciate balance in beer, it’s not a pleasant surprise.

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