No guards outside Delirium Cafe

The Delirium Café in central Brussels has been refused permission to introduce security personnel in the Getrouwheidsgang/Impasse de la Fidelité, the alleyway where the doors to parts of the café are situated. Brussels city council said the alley also is home to the statue of Jeanneke Pis – the female equivalent to Mannekin Pis – which must be made accessible to tourists at all times.


The café had sought to install security personnel to deter pickpockets and other thieves who prey on not only customers inside the various rooms that make up the Delirium complex, but also those who loiter outside in the alley and the streets around.

However according to a spokesperson for Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur, that would be “strictly illegal”. Private security are only allowed to operate on private property, so while it is allowed to patrol the interior, security staff have no right to patrol the streets. Delirium Café had sought to take over ownership of the alley to allow patrols, but the city council refused permission.

Photo: Bernt Rostad/Flickr Commons