Dinner with Strangers

bookalokalBreaking bread with strangers often leads to incredible experiences. The act of sharing a meal taps into a fundamental need and the act of generosity opens our hearts for new adventures. A meal shared has the magic to turn strangers into friends.

BookALokal seems to be on the lips of every friend of mine here in Brussels. Founded by Evelyn White, an American expat, BookALokal is a website where locals living in any particular city opens up their home and cooks a meal for strangers, travelers, expats and alike. It is the AirBnB for secret dining and local experience. Sherry and I have been toying with this very same idea as a start up for about 6 months now and being the experience hungry traveler / entrepreneurs we had to check it out.

A smorgasbord of internationals, mostly working for various government agencies and the few of us who are traveling through.

Four delightful courses (I ate too much!) of Belgium national dishes prepared by Evelyn (more than generous with the portions) while Brian entertained us with history on each of the beers (5 total), what makes it special and silly rhyming toasts. The food offered us something to focus on while the beer loosened our tongues and remove the awkwardness of strangers meeting. The atmosphere of being in someone’s home and eclectic collection of internationals made this the perfect dinner party. Dinner with strangers! I loved every moment of it.

I can’t wait to try other BookALokal events in other cities.