Straffe Hendrik art competition winners

sealy_gary_ch_taste-the-magic-of-straffe-hendrik-e1412797628232The Halve Maan brewery in Bruges has announced the winners of this year’s Straffe Hendrik art competition, named for one of the brewery’s award-winning beers. The competition for promotional designs is open to young people from across the world, and this year attracted 112 entries from 11 countries.

A short list of 15 finalists was selected, and a jury chaired by the cartoonist and native of Bruges Kamagurka chose the three winners, who receive a cash prize. They are Thierry Schule, Stephanie Fraikin and Gary Sealy. The winning artworks will also be used to market Straffe Hendrik worldwide.

At the same time, De Halve Maan has launched the third edition of its Straffe Hendrik Heritage, a special version of its Quadrupel, a dark beer aged for more than a year in oak barrels from the Bordeaux wine region, some new and some used, and then blended before being bottled for a second fermentation. Each year’s assemblage is different: this year saw the introduction of a number of cognac barrels for the first time.

This year’s edition is dated 2013, the year it was brewed, and is being made available in a larger – though still limited – quantity of 40,000 numbered bottles of 75cl. A large part of the limited edition was pre-sold before the launch.