Soul Food

image10-mainBy Alan Hope

When I arrive at the restaurant Grand Cabaret in Nieuwpoort, chef Vincent Florizoone is alone in the kitchen and there are 20 covers for lunch, but he finds the time to cook me a pork chop. You think you’ve had pork chops, but you haven’t, until you’ve had something of the quality of this piece of meat, from a Saddleback pig imported from England and raised at the Houtsemse Vleeshoeve just up the road in Houtem.

“My inspiration is the products,” Florizoone says. “Just good flavours and pure products, that’s what I’m all about, as you can see from the pork chop. With a top product like that you don’t have to do very much. The more you do the further you move away from the product itself. Good, fresh products, that’s the most important thing.”


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