Dining with Dubuisson

image05-mainBy Paul Walsh

In the world of beer cuisine, Dubuisson should be easy to work with; after all this is the brewery that promoted gastronomic beer back when contemporaries were preoccupied with buying up brown cafés.

And while the brewing world is slowly catching on, Dubuisson has meticulously explored the dishes and flavors that go best with its products. They’ve even made self-consciously restaurant-style beers, like the Bush Prestige and Bush de Nuits.

On a Friday afternoon in a small town near Hasselt, beer-chef Hilaire Spreuwers wants to explore a bit further. He starts out with Pêche Mel paired with steak tartar; a rather adventurous choice, given that the beer is unapologetically sweet and fruity, something you’d expect with dessert, or even as dessert.

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