Issue #7

Beer hunters

bf magazine issue 7 online01By Paul Walsh
Every week we see people traipsing through Belgium on the hunt for rare and weird beers. People are also willing to travel from one side of the US continent to the other, with the thought of a holy-grail, limited-release IPA, spurring them forward.

Not in the yeast

bf magazine issue 7 online06By Pete Brown
Ask a craft brewer in America or Britain what the defining characteristic of Belgian beer is, and they’ll likely tell you that it’s all about the yeast.


bf magazine issue 7 online11By Joe Stange
Whatever happened to witbier, anyway? Oh, don’t get me wrong, your typical blanche is still there if you need it.

Bar Velo raises the game
for beer in Brussels

bf magazine issue 7 online17The Brussels hotel lobby bar should be people’s first taste of the best beer-country on earth. Instead, visitors are confronted with predictable brands from global mega-brewers.

Yes we kanji

bf magazine issue 7 online18By Aaron Goldfarb
At Délices & Caprices, Pierre Zuber’s beer shop in the centre of Brussels, something stands out among the familiar saisons and trappist ales: three bottles, their necks covered in delicate tissue, with washi-paper labels depicting Japanese artwork and kanji characters.

Hot to trot

bf magazine issue 7 online20By Alan Hope
In 2014, a scandal erupted when it was found that certain supermarket ready-meals like lasagne had been “adulterated” with horsemeat instead of the beef everyone was expecting.

Towering inferno

bf magazine issue 7 online25By Breandán Kearney
On 6 January this year, fire destroyed the roof of the Hof Ten Dormaal brewery in Tildonk, Flemish Brabant. The entire bottling line, conditioning rooms and most of the stock were burnt to the ground.

Full steam ahead

bf magazine issue 7 online27By Jean-Louis Sparmont
Your GPS might have a minor breakdown on the way to the venerable Brasserie à Vapeur (the Steam-Powered Brewery), but persevere: you’ll find it just a few steps from the village square in Pipaix,

“The most sustainable brewer in Belgium”

bf magazine issue 7 online30It’s something of a catch-phrase with Alain De Laet, CEO of Huyghe brewery in Melle in East Flanders, best known for the pink elephant of their Delirium Tremens beer. We quoted him using it when we first wrote about his brewery back in BB&F issue two.

The prodigal brewer

bf magazine issue 7 online33By John Rega
A can of wheat beer labeled with a “rock and roll” rabbit. A German-inspired pils with corn alongside Belgian malt. An amber ale américaine with rye.

Returning to Antwerp

bf magazine issue 7 online35By Alan Hope
John Martin Brewery came to Antwerp in 1909, and has been associated with the port city for a very long time. The company was set up by an English businessman, something of an adventurer,

Say cheese

bf magazine issue 7 online44By Alan Hope
The Schockaert cheese shop in Mechelen was started by Louis Schockaert in 1915, and has been at its present location on Ijzerenleen since 1932. Louis’s son Paul took over after World War Two

Remodeling project

bf magazine issue 7 online49By John Rega
While Jan Tournier may cook in his grandparents’ house, he’s certainly not preparing their food. The 34-year-old chef has remodeled his childhood home in Lommel, northern Limburg, into Cuchara, one of the upstarts of Flemish cuisine.

An education

bf magazine issue 7 online52By Sally Tipper
Sitting at a window above Bruges’s Markt square on a sunny autumn day, rare lambic in hand and a head full of newly acquired knowledge: as introductions to the world of beer go, this isn’t a bad one.

Three’s company

bf magazine issue 7 online54By Alan Hope
In each issue of Belgian Beer & Food, we challenge a leading chef from the Flemish Kitchen Rebels group: we give them three beers, and they give us three dishes inspired by those beers. Next up: 35-year-old Michael Vrijmoed.

Dubuisson cheese-pairing

bf magazine issue 7 online58By Breandán Kearney
The Bush Ambrée Triple is a celebratory beer – it was produced for Dubuisson brewery’s 75th birthday

Crossing over

bf magazine issue 7 online61By Breandán Kearney
This beer fills a spot that had been open for a long time,” says Pierre Zuber, owner of Délices et Caprices, the Belgian beer tasting shop in Brussels.

Bottling it up

bf magazine issue 7 online63By Breandán Kearney
In a way it’s a little bit like a pure beer,” says Nicolas Degryse, Marketing Manager of Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste. “In OMER. Traditional Blond we use only malt, water, hops and yeast.

You are here

bf magazine issue 7 online66By Joe Stange
My theory is that the space-time continuum warps inside the Gaume. It’s the simplest way to explain the oddities that occur within. Tucked into Belgium’s south-east corner, this region is not like the others.