Issue #5

More Work Ahead

BBF issue 5 online01By Sofie Vanrafelghem
If you’re reading this and you’re a man, great. If you are a woman, even better. Not that I want to become the Germaine Greer of the beer world.

A Matter Of Test

09By Alan Hope
According to beer writer and sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem, in her book Bier: Vrouwen weten waarom, there are a number of factors at play in discouraging women from drinking beer, most of them to do with social conditioning.

Sofie’s Choice

BBF issue 5 online12By Frances Robinson
Sofie Vanrafelghem is a woman on a mission. She may look relaxed, sipping a glass of blonde in the corner of Huyghe brewery’s tasting room, but this is precisely where she’s hardest at work – winning over women to the charms of Belgian beer.

Road Trip

BBF issue 5 online13By Frances Robinson
A beer tour needn’t be about looking at stainless steel fermentation tanks while bearded brewers enthuse about hop varieties.

No Place Like Omer

BBF issue 5 online19By Julie Kavanagh
Just 10km from the border with France, the town of Bellegem is home to the Omer Vander Ghinste brewery.

The Singing Blonde

BBF issue 5 online21By Breandán Kearney
Seven years ago, Gudrun Vandoorne was a care worker. When the owners of a local brewery announced their intention to retire in 2007, she and her husband,
Bruno, decided to embrace the challenge of a career change.

Making History To Order

BBF issue 5 online22By Alan Hope
My mother can get irritated sometimes when such a big deal is made of the fact she’s a woman, as if she has to perform just that bit better to prove herself. In recent years it’s become such a hype.”

A Woman Of Influence

BBF issue 5 online25By Sofie Vanrafelghem
Anouk Lagae was the first woman in four generations to sit on the Duvel Moortgat management committee, having never before worked in the beer industry.

From Bitter To Aromatic

BBF issue 5 online26By Breandán Kearney
A simple visit to a four-generation-old hop farm outside Poperinge can be as good a reminder as any that the brewing culture in Belgium is undergoing a transformation.

Vincent’s Angels

BBF issue 5 online28By Alan Hope
Iremember when we were younger, Papa was always busy brewing, bottling and all that, and we all had to help out.

Sip It And See

BBF issue 5 online31By Breandán Kearney
Istarted this job in 2011 and for three years I’ve been in a world of mostly men,” says Margot Debisschop, brand manager at John Martin’s Brewery.

Elevating your Aperitif

BBF issue 5 online34By Karen McHugh
Finding the right drink to kick off a gastronomic evening is something many Belgians excel at.

Brewing Without Hops

BBF issue 5 online35By Breandán Kearney
Annick De Splenter is no stranger to beer production. Her father owned the Riva brewery in Dentergem and her mother came from the Van Henxcthoven family of brewers in Gistel.

Beer Pairing, Distilled

BBF issue 5 online36By Sofie Vanrafelghem
Food and beer: it never gets boring. Though Belgium is known for its beer cuisine, a lot of Belgians have only just started discovering their own beautiful beer gastronomy.

Perfect Partners

BBF issue 5 online38By Alan Hope
Karen Blerau is the organiser of the Amuse Gueuze evenings – a set of three evenings featuring dinner in one venue, accompanied by a selection of lambic-based beers:

For Eva and Eva

BBF issue 5 online40By Breandán Kearney
Igot the idea in 2012 when I organised my first women and beer event,” explains Sofie Vanrafelghem as brew day begins.

Wine Before Beer

BBF issue 5 online43By Breandán Kearney
Canadian Lindsay Trivers has led wine tastings in Margaret River, worked as a cellar hand in Mendoza and organised gourmet dinners on super yachts across France and Spain.

Feels Like Home

BBF issue 5 online47By Alan Hope
The city of Turnhout is literally the end of the line: the railway terminus north of Antwerp, and closest to the Dutch border. But for Marjanne Moonen, it wasn’t a place to end, but a place to start. She studied in the famed

All Hands To The Pump

BBF issue 5 online53By Frances Robinson
Early one morning, an unusual crowd of apprentice brewers assembles in Huyghe Brewery’s tasting room. These beer-loving women have come from far and wide to make Deliria, a special once-a-year brew.

True Colours

BBF issue 5 online54By Sarah Dheedene
At a Belgian Beer and Food “Women & Beer”-themed tasting, the focus rested squarely on Chimay; their three flagship beers in combination with the cheese produced by the same abbey.

Female Vision

BBF issue 5 online58By Karen McHugh
Belgian Beer & Food takes a trip down to Le Roeulx to speak with Dominique Friart, co-owner of the famous St-Feuillien brewery.

The Womanly Art Of Tasting

BBF issue 5 online60By Alan Hope
We’re not trying to convert people to like beer,” explains Marjorie Elich, columnist for the magazine Femmes d’Aujourd’hui. She’s one of the two organisers of La bière des femmes, together with Muriel Lombaerts, who came up with the concept: beer tasting sessions for women only.

Meet Anne-Françoise Pypaert

BBF issue 5 online61By Charles D. Cook
Things have changed a lot in the male-dominated world of the Trappist Abbey breweries in the last few decades. A significant number of women now work at these hallowed places, mainly in the area of lab work, marketing and quality control.

An Acquired Taste

BBF issue 5 online63By Alan Hope
You have to learn to drink it.” In one sentence, Dirk Lindemans of the family brewers of the same name sums up the challenge facing their beers.

Human Scale

BBF issue 5 online66By Alan Hope
The Belgian province of Luxembourg – not to be confused with the Grand Duchy next door – is the country’s least populated, with the largest proportion of agricultural land and a virtual monopoly of forest.