Issue #3


Roughing it in Belgium

By Paul Walsh
In Belgium you can never be quite sure if a cafe is going to be open
or not. Some cafes seem perpetually closed; others open when the owner
feels like it.


Crying in the wilderness

By Alan Hope
The mantra of the Belgian beer industry – Innovation through Tradition – is sometimes a cover for making stuffy, old-fashioned beers in state-of-the-art breweries.


A plan for all saisons

By Joe Stange
French wine tourism has its routes des vins, on which intrepid oenophiles cruise from vineyard to vineyard through the countryside.


The Circle of Beer

By Nick Klenske
Nearly 20 years ago, Pierre Zuber began his career in the food and drink sector.


Closer to Heaven

By Alan Hope
Here’s something you may find surprising: There’s no such abbey as Chimay.


Heart and soul

By Alan Hope
The first thing a visitor to the St Feuillien brewery in Le Roeulx near Mons notices are the impeccably maintained original brick buildings where the Friart family has been brewing beer since 1873.


The fifth ingredient

By Nick Klenske
When we talk about what makes a beer, the focus tends to be on the ingredients: malt, hops, water and yeast.


Mix and match

By Alan Hope
Six different beers. Six different cheeses. It would be hard to come up with a more congenial way to spend an evening than pairing very good beer with the very best of cheeses.


Voyage of discovery

By Alan Hope
Belgian Beer Discovery is the adventure story of a couple of school friends, Dario and Paul, born in the centre of Beer Country, ie Belgium, who wanted to help the world get to know the rich variety and quality of Belgian beer. We caught up with them to find out more.


Good neighbours

By Alan Hope
Wouter Hollevoet, manager of the brewery of Affligem, is very proud to say the brewery is “perfectly integrated in the village” of the same name.


Building a Dream

By Alan Hope Under Mike Janssen’s brewery and distillery at Wilderen, in Limburg province, there’s a secret cellar where the original owners would store illicit liquor distilled on the premises, but never intended for the eyes of the excise men.


A taste of history

By Paul Walsh
The Abbey of Averbode has a colourful history that takes in the Protestant Reformation, the Brabant Revolution and the French Revolution; events that threatened but never quite extinguished its future.


Three’s the magic number

By Paul Walsh
DeuS Brut des Flandres, Pauwel Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet are undoubtedly individualistic beers, each with their own personality.


The culinary virtuoso

By Frances Robinson
It’s a Saturday in June at Houthalen’s De Barrier hotel, and preparations for a wedding are in full swing, with pretty flowers fluttering on the pergola next to the pond.


The personal touch

By Richard Harris
Julie Baekelandt attacks the artichoke with abandon, working with vigour, her movements precise and perfectly aimed at separating the heart from the rest in just a few seconds.


Wild friends

By John Rega
Like beer-loving friends getting together over a glass, brewers tend to meet up over their best bottles.


Setting the record straight

By Paul Walsh
I arrive to interview Anthony Martin about Martin’s IPA, but it appears there’s little to talk about. I’ve received the brochure, which summarises everything neatly and effectively.