It Takes a Village to Build a Brewery

it-takes-a-village-2Bockor looks steadfast towards the future while holding firm ground in Bellegem, West Flanders. Robyn Boyle reports.

Coming into Bellegem, in South-West Flanders close to the French border, there are two things that break up the rural landscape: a church tower and a brewery tower, one no more important than the other in keeping alive a strong sense of community in the small village (pop. ca. 4,000).

Since its foundation more than 120 years ago, Bockor Brewery has successfully managed to maintain close ties with Bellegem and the city of Kortrijk to which it belongs. Back then, horse and buggy clattered along over cobblestones, delivering wooden crates of Bockor beer to all the cafés within a ten-kilometre radius. Today, you’ll notice, most of the
pubs in Bellegem still proudly display the Bockor name. Some even flaunt the original stained glass windows created by the founder himself, Omer Vander Ghinste, in promotion of his products.

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