Brussels on your Plate

brussels-on-your-plateLocal and authentic aren’t buzzwords at Les Brigittines

The waiter is one straight out of the movies – black-andwhite clad, professional without being stiff, and I could swear I saw a white linen draped over one arm. His job is to deliver five courses to our table in a timely manner and without too much fuss, but with a short but concise description of exactly what is on each plate. Not only does he carry out this task with great professionalism, but he also does it with care for, and knowledge of, the ingredients on hand – and their accompanying beers.

First up, a terrine of pork ears and whelks promises to entice the taste buds with big chunks of meat and crunchy carrots and celery held together by a gelatinous stock. It’s the first time I’ve so enjoyed a mingling of meat and seafood flavours.

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