Beer and loathing in Brussels

With Pierre Zuber at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel

You’ve arrived in Belgium but don’t love beer? You find it too sour; too sickly sweet, too fattening or too bitter? Or you’re just overwhelmed by the choice on offer? Don’t fret: beer tasting shop Délices & Caprices, Belgian Beer and Food Magazine and the Renaissance Brussels Hotel have combined to host interactive tasting sessions that guide you through the dizzying and unpredictable world of Belgian beer, helping you find the delicious drink that’s right for you.  

In fun and interactive tasting sessions, master taster Pierre Zuber will explain Belgian beer’s history, its ingredients and the plethora of styles on offer. Most importantly, he’ll open up your taste-buds to Belgian beer’s flavor and complexity.

At each event you’ll get to drink and appreciate at least four delicious beers while meeting new people and learning something about Belgium’s awesome beer heritage. So stop loathing and starting loving: find out why Belgium makes the world’s best beer.

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