It’s All Relative

December 10, 2016

Taking up the food-pairing challenge is Els Debremaeker, a private chef who also works for home-furnishings chain Dille en Kamille doing food styling and creating recipes. She’s the author with her sister Iris of two books: Brunch and Ingemaakt (Preserved). Given three beers from Omer Vander Ghinste to work with, she drew inspiration from her […]

Human scale

November 13, 2016

Brasserie de Bastogne is the smallest in the Belgian brewers federation, but their brewery is bursting at the seams By Alan Hope The Belgian province of Luxembourg – not to be confused with the Grand Duchy next door – is the country’s least populated, with the largest proportion of agricultural land and a virtual monopoly […]

Remodeling project

September 18, 2016

Think you know Chimay? Think again, as Belgian chef Jan Tournier of the Michelin-starred Cuchara unearths surprising flavors using the famous Trappist beer and cheese, during a demonstration for Belgian Beer & Food’s John Rega While Jan Tournier may cook in his grandparents’ house, he’s certainly not preparing their food. The 34-year-old chef has remodeled […]

The lambic man

September 18, 2016

Frank Boon opened his new brewhouse in March 2013, which means that when we visited, they were about a month away from reaching a landmark age. Three years means a lot to lambic brewers: it’s the age at which you have your old lambic, which when blended with young lambic gives you the uniquely Belgian […]

Lessons of history

August 31, 2016

Lessons of history One of Belgian Beer & Food’s aims is to tell the stories of Belgian breweries, but the truth is that we can only scratch the surface, dealing with the few that are still around today, while neglecting thousands that have been and gone, in some cases leaving barely a trace. An example […]

Beer and the meaning of life

August 31, 2016

He’s been through personal tragedy, but as he explains to Paul Walsh, Palm’s Jan Toye still has a lot to be thankful for As he sits down for our interview, Jan Toye counts his blessings. “To be a part of the beer world, to create a product that gives people pleasure, to have inherited all […]

Setting the record straight

August 31, 2016

I arrive to interview Anthony Martin about Martin’s IPA, but it appears there’s little to talk about. I’ve received the brochure, which summarises everything neatly and effectively. “What more is there to add?” he asks. A lot, as it turns out, and our conversation runs well over the allotted hour, taking in the history of […]

Not new, not local

August 31, 2016

A beer geek walks into a bar and asks for the newest release. She drinks it and then asks for a beer from a local micro-brewery. Unfortunately for some Belgian brewers, this isn’t a joke, but a trend led by beer lovers around the world who are both insatiably curious and enamored with local products. […]

Survive and thrive

August 31, 2016

By Paul Walsh De Halve Maan is on one of Bruges’s main tourist trails and has become the most visited brewery in the Benelux region. Yet far from the sweetened crowd pleasers that you might expect at such a location, its beers are complex and finely balanced, tending to the dryer end of the spectrum, […]